Is your Business Plan alive today?

This is a great question that every business senior executive or chairman should answer.  At the start of a business, the excitement to create a business plan is there so that success can commence.  Unfortunately, as time passes, executives tend to forget that a business plan should always be alive…here’s why?  The reasons leading to business death or demise are these:

  1. Low Sales
  2. Innovation is no longer a top priority leading to,
  3. No Differentiation
  4. No Referrals or Positive Words of Mouth
  5. Low Employee Morale (your greatest resource)
  6. Poor Cash Flow Management and
  7. No Learning or Development

Your business plan should be revisited in an annual basis – at least.  Times change and so should your plan to success. First record in your historical documents your previous success and business plan, apply changes as needed and update your Standard Operating Procedures and Policies to support those changes and to always keep your professional team on their toes.  This gives everyone in the organization Job Enrichment which will fight off the 7 reasons listed above.

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