Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Allure has partnered with TALX Corporation (a provider of Equifax Workforce Solutions) to offer WOTC credits to employers and assisting individuals get an advantage during the interviewing process.

So what exactly is WOTC?  This federal tax credit known as Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a tax credit available to employers/organizations who hire individuals from certain target grounds who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment.  Such groups include (source: Department of Labor):

Here a video link from the Department of Labor that easily explains this credit:

How it Works! Because the WOTC program is a complex & time-consuming application process, our service is to avoid the headaches for our clients.  We take care of all administrative processes which include filing for employer certification, submitting forms after hire and filing claims with the IRS..

We also provide the individuals with their state approved certificate that they will present their potential new employer at the time of their employment application.  This give them an advantage during the interview & selection process.

Back to the employer.  We provide each employer with a link to be added to their applicant tracking system or ours if they do not have one, each applicant will fill out a 1-minute questionnaire on-line that will help the employer determine if the applicant can present a tax credit to the organization.  Again, we do all the work and organizations just have to determine if the applicant meets the qualifications for the job – then sit back and relex!.

Here is a sample of a credit:

Let’s say that an employer hired 10 veterans that maximize the benefit, the employer would receive *$96,000 in tax credits from the federal government [$9,600 * 10 = $96,000].  I am sure the company can many things within the organizations with those credits.

*By simply signing up with this service with us, we will work hard and diligently to get you your maximized tax credits.  Allure professionals can even help you recruit or target such individuals if you sign up for our recruiting services.  The administration process is a little cumbersome, so we remind you that we do all the work.  We only get paid 15% of the credits when you get them – you keep the 85%. If you do not get anything, neither will us.