In this blog, we take the moment to talk about a decision to on talent management.  Sure it is critical for organizations to keep up with technology, industry trends & threats, research and development and much more.  However, some organizations forget one important resource and that is PEOPLE!

Some leaders have a style of managing with a, “if he/she does not like it, then they are welcome to leave” practice.  Although they are right, it is usually an emotional comment and decision to NOT CARE.  This does not mean that such leaders are mean or bad people, it could be that they have worked so very hard to reach success and will not let their guards down and let other in.  They may also feel that everyone must do what they can to earn their success – and again, they are 100% right.

But here is something to consider, the cost of the following:

  • That knowledge & experience each employee currently has and what it will take to replace it.
  • Not truly knowing what someone new brings to the organization.  Are they safe and an asset, or are they a liability bringing the possibility of hurting the company down the road?  Will they get along with other employees? How does their personality and character mix with his/her supervisor?
  • Will they cost you more in salary and other labor taxes?
  • Are there any quick fixes that will turn a frown upside down in your current workplace
  • The time it takes to recruit, vet and hire someone new.
  • Will the person/people leaving post a negative report about your company on Glassdoor or other business sites
  • Are the resources your current staff have today enough to create a job rich environment? – Could just be a quick fix.
  • Are your policies and procedures up to date because outdated P&Ps can add to the frustration an employee has who in turn will affect senior management.
  • Are training efforts and resources available to employees making them happier employees?
  • What is the organization doing for fun?
  • Do you formally celebrate birthday and anniversaries with your staff each month?
  • If you are a leader, do you regularly walk the floor and greet your people?  This is a choice and no one is that busy!

Obviously, it is impossible to list everything but as a leader, the point of this blog is decide if you will care or not.  If you are an employee reading this, what are you doing to help your leaders have better work days?

At the end, it does take two to tango so pick a partner start dancing, smiling, looking for ways to have fun all whilst doing a great job on what you were hired to perform, having a great attendance record, caring about the company and its’ future, choosing to get along and have professionalism at the top of your to-do list, maintaining a safe work environment and protecting the company from competitors, cyber attacks and other threats!