Daniel Lopez – President        Email:

Daniel is truly passionate about helping organizations optimize savings and generating revenue via various business options! 

In 1997, Daniel initially founded DELPRO Consulting Services – known today as Allure Business Consulting, LLC.  His has grown the company into a strong service provider in the areas of Human Resources, Business & Leadership Development, Payroll Services, Worker’s Compensation and much more! 

Today he is a licensed insurance agent able to write policies domestically and internationally – to individuals or employer groups. Daniel also has multiple degrees and has attained his human resources certification.

Over the past three decades, Daniel honed his talent and expertise to help organizations and individuals maximize their potential. Additionally, he has held leadership and specialty roles various companies throughout his career and has become a Subject Matter Expert in many areas of business and human resources.  

Daniel strides in customer service and doing the job right every time from beginning-to-end. He is driven and hard-working; always striving to improve and ensure the industry is at its highest standard. “Always a Student, never a Scholar” is Daniel’s approach to business and personal success. 

Dan’s motto to his staff is “Simply put yourself in the client’s position, understand What (& Why) they need or want – quickly start working – then WOW them by exceeding their expectations any way you can!”

Daniel can best be reached directly at 561.654.3141 or