Truly! Have you asked recently how happy your employees are? Or are you afraid to ask because it is easier to assume they are. Understand that without exploring this, you may lose what most leaders and human resources professionals identify as great employees. You may have heard it a million times before that replacing an employee comes with a huge price tag and furthermore, you really do not know who you just hired into the organization.

They are multiple ways to find the answer to this important question. You can start with Survey Monkey and ask questions protecting the identity of those who responded. We suggest that you set a goal that if 65% of the employees respond to the survey, there will be a pizza party or some other employee gathering that is fun. Survey Monkey is very effective in disclosing and grouping responses. Of course it would only be meaningful if you studies responses [favorable and unfavorable ones] and create focus groups to help develop plans that will enrich the workplace culture. They will think you are a caring hero! If you are a large company, another method is to add an ombudsman to the organization who will get anonymous calls or emails with employee concerns. The purpose is to learn of issues and to immediately act in a way that would bring about necessary change. Smaller organizations can bring in an consultant to help get true employee feedback – and again, the purpose is to act and start creating a happier work environment as soon as possible! Benefits and Pay are very important as well – it’s usually the primary reason employees seek to work for a company. Make sure your benefit plans are affordable [believe us, there are plenty of plans out there to select from] and that you fairly pay [see Equal Pay Act]. Employees talk about their salaries and you cannot stop them. Don’t give them anything negative to say to their colleagues, peers, family and friends.

Dear Employer and Leaders, you must dare to work hard at this. Believe us when we say that the Return on Investment is greater than you think and the money you will save through time can be used in the future to even enhance the culture in the workplace. Lastly, you will be rewarded with the knowledge, skills and abilities a tenured employee brings to your company. Succession Planning would become easier as well and consequently, you will 1) quickly see employees work extra hard to protect the company; 2) sell your products and services; 3) give the company a positive rating in the community and; 4) eliminating lawsuits, EEOC charges, unemployment claims, reduce or eliminate work injuries; and make it easy to grow the company when growth is required – word of mouth and referrals from your current awesome and very happy staff will attract potentially great new hires as well.

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