“Great CEOs look up and out. Great COOs look down and in. It’s the partnership of their perspectives that make great companies.” —Simon Sinek.

Mr. Sinek couldn’t have said it better than that.  Although some organizations struggle with partnering up well at the senior level which is the common ground among successful companies is that they do.

Succession Planning is not only plan to replace leaders or key employees, it is also a part of the culture to unify organizations.  This “united” and philosophical approach makes very difficult to penetrate organizations and harm them.

If you are a leader and do not have this in your organization today, get with your CEO and ask for an offsite retreat and start to build a new culture.  Invite other retired executives and leaders to the retreat as keynote speakers and counselors.  They will help identify the barriers that separate your organization’s senior leadership team today and offer key practices to incorporate into your organization.  Sure it could be a little costly to do this, but it will never fail and definitely well worth it!