Document Imaging

As an added service to clients, Allure offers document imaging services.

Advantages of Document Imaging:

Document Imaging technology has several advantages in a business environment over physical media by:

  • Reduction of storage cost (via space reduction vs. physical media)
  • Increased preservation of records
  • Increased disaster recover-ability of records (as long as the digital files are properly managed)
  • Increased portability of records
  • Increased searching capabilities
  • Increased manageability
  • Increased system efficiency & productivity

We have the ability to implement this service rather quickly and all data is encrypted and highly protected.  This includes HIPAA protection and compliance with State and Federal laws regarding the legality of Electronic records.

Company executives can virtually run the company from anywhere in the world.  This includes approving documents, invoices and locating millions of documents in lightning speed.

Please contact Daniel Lopez directly via email expressing your interest in this product.