Custom Manuals

At Allure, we maintain over three decades of Labor, Risk & Safety, HR Operations, and Business Operations knowledge.  Let us serve you by helping you produce one or all of the following critical pieces of information needed to run a safe and successful business; with a workplace culture second to none.  Below is the list of manuals we provide as a service but it is not limited as a service.  If you desire to have a special/custom manual created, we will do all we can to satisfy your needs.

Standard Operating Procedures

In the same manner that handbooks and manuals are needed in the work place, so are Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).  Our team of experts will work alongside your professionals and team leads to create the most effective SOP for every position or job flow process needed.  SOPs also play an important in employee training, employee management and improving safety programs.

Employee Handbooks

Every organization should have an employee handbook or manual so that employees know what is expected of them and to help answer some basic questions regarding their employment and benefits.  We will write a custom handbook to fit your organizations work culture in a friendly and easy-to-understand fashion.

Workplace Safety Manuals & Checklists

Many organization require a higher level of safety due to hazards than others but all organization and worksites face some sort of employee injury or illness at one time or another.  Allure will visit your site, offer a safety inspection, and in a report provide recommendations and support in establishing a secured and safe working environment.  Safety Manuals for those organization who need one will be created in full within 30 days from the initial inspection.