Confidential Investigation Services (CIS)

Allure Business Consulting LLC also utilizes their team of senior professionals to focus directly on client problems that arise from time-to-time; problems that require a private and confidential investigation to resolve internal issues and situations.

Private Meetings

We are expert strategists with a wide range of investigation strategies to deliver a successful CIS. Our knowledge and expertise ranges from developing proactive investigative units to working with senior management, first level management and staff members.

Our Commitment & Partnership to C.I.S.

  • Assuring your investigation will be strictly confidential.
  • Identifying the problem; developing a strategy to implement and solve the issue.
  • Understanding challenges and creating opportunities.
  • Collaborating and listening.
  • Planning and partnering.
  • Supporting and Guiding / Strategizing.
  • Establishing a self-sustaining organization when investigation is complete.
  • Utilizing “Evidence-Based” tactics to problem solving.

Confidential Findings & Discovery

Every finding during the investigation will be communicated solely with the highest level of management within the department and/or company so long as that individual is the one not being investigated.  At that point, the next senior level manager or human resources executive will be provided with every detail.